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Current Series:

Listen and Learn part 2: “Listen Here” – Message 8/2/20

“Listen Here”

Listen and Learn part 1: “Listen Carefully” – Message 7/26/20

“Listen Carefully”

Past Messages

He’s Still* Got the Whole World In His Hands part 3: “Hope” – Message 7/19/20

He’s Still* Got the Whole World In His Hands part 2: “Pray Until the Peace Comes” – Message 7/12/20

He’s Still* Got the Whole World In His Hands part 1: “Nothing New” – Message 7/5/20

“Worry, Hope, and Chocolate Cake” – Message 6/28/20

“Legacy: Living a Life That Outlasts You” – Father’s Day Message 6/21/20

“The Empire Strikes Back” – Worship Service 6/14/20

Part 3 of our series on dealing with discouragement and depression. We take a look at how God helped Elijah as he faced a particularly difficult time in his life and how those principles can help us when we face seasons in the valley.

“A Fresh Perspective” – Worship Service 6/7/20

How do you handle it when you are faced with times of discouragement and depression? We look at the way God handled Elijah’s depression in I Kings 19 and draw some principles for dealing with depression in our own lives.

“Skin in the Game” – Worship Service 5/31/20

A candid conversation about race, racism, and faith with Andy Stanley, Joseph Sojourner, and Sam Collier.

“Hoping For and Hoping In” – Worship Service 5/24/20 (Memorial Day) Guest Speaker: Greg Speck

“Not So Fast” – Worship Service 5/17/20

“Mom Always Said…” (Mother’s Day 2020)

In The Meantime: Revisited

Part 3: “Yes, You Can”

Prayer Card for In The Meantime week 3: “Yes, You Can”

Part 2: “A Purpose and A Promise”

Worship Service – April 19, 2020 “In the Meantime: Revisited” pt 1 “The New Normal”

Part 1: “The New Normal”

Worship Service – April 19, 2020 “In the Meantime: Revisited” pt 1 “The New Normal”

Easter 2020

A brief Easter message and a word of encouragement on this Easter to remember.

Good Friday 2020

Good Friday 2020 Devotional and Challenge

Follow message series

March 8: Follow pt 4: “What I Want to Want” Rob Spahr

Follow pt 4: What I Want to Want

March 1: Follow pt 3: “Fearless” Rob Spahr

Follow pt 3: Fearless

February 23: Follow pt 2: “Next Steps” Rob Spahr

Follow pt 2: Next Steps

February 16: Follow pt 1: “Jesus Says” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Jesus Says

Follow pt 1: Jesus Says

March 17: “Multiple Choice” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Multiple Choice.mp3


March 3: “Feelin’ It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Feelin It.mp3


February 24: “ReModeling” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 ReModeling.mp3


February 17: “The Million Dollar Question” Rob Spahr

Download MP3  The Million Dollar Question.mp3


February 10: “Under Construction” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3 Under Construction.mp3


January 27, 2019: “Difference Maker” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Difference Maker.mp3


January 20: “Pro:Motion” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 ProMotion.mp3


January 13: “Something To Show For It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3  Something To Show For It.mp3


January 6: “The Better Question” Rob Spahr

Download MP3  The Better Question.mp3


December 9: “An Unlikely Candidate” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 An Unlikely Candidate.mp3


December 2: “Guest List” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Guest List.mp3


November 25: “Muddy Waters” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Muddy Waters.mp3


November 18: “Fishing Buddies” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Fishing Buddies.mp3


November 11: “Why Fish?” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Why Fish.mp3


October 21: “In Spite Of” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 In Spite Of.mp3


October 14: “Broken Dreams” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Broken Dreams.mp3


October 7: “Motion Commotion” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Motion Commotion.mp3


September 30: “Lean Not” Rob Spahr

Download MP3Lean Not.mp3


September 23: “Looking Ahead” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Looking Ahead.mp3


September 16: “The Path” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 The Path.mp3


July 29: “Big Faith” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Big Faith.mp3


July 22: “Decision Time” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Decision Time.mp3


July 15: “Everyday Adventures” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3Everyday Adventures.mp3


July 8: “Power Lifting” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Power Lifting.mp3


July 1: “Core Training” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Core Training.mp3


June 24: “Open Gym” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Open Gym.mp3


June 17: “Feel The Burn” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Feel the Burn.mp3


June 10: “Cool Down” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Cool Down.mp3


June 3: “No Pain, No Gain” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3 No Pain, No Gain.mp3


May 27: “Just Do It” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Just Do It.mp3


May 13: “Don’t Stop” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Don’t Stop.mp3


May 5: “Amazing” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Amazing.mp3


April 29: “Nothing But” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Nothing But.mp3


April 22: “The Role of Rules” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 The Role of Rules.mp3


April 15: “Sea Of Glass” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Sea Of Glass.mp3


April 8: “Coming To Terms” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Coming To Terms.mp3


April 1: “Something Happened” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Something Happened.mp3


March 25: “Comfort Zone” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Comfort Zone.mp3


March 18: “Believe It Or Not” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Believe It Or Not.mp3


March 4: “Yes, You Can” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Yes You Can.mp3


February 25: “A Purpose and A Promise” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 A Purpose and A Promise.mp3


February 18: “The New Normal” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 The New Normal.mp3


February 11: “Your Turn” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Your Turn.mp3


February 4: “Hide and Seek” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Hide and Seek.mp3


January 28: “The Great Barrier” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3: The Great Barrier.mp3


January 21: “On The Road” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3: On The Road.mp3


January 14: “A Piece Of The Action” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:A Piece Of the Action.mp3

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January 7: “That’s A Good Question” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:That’s A Good Question.mp3

Listen Online:

December 31: “New Life” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3:A New Life.mp3 

Listen Online:

December 24: “Fall On Your Knees” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Fall On Your Knees.mp3

Listen Online:

December 17: “The Gift” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:The Gift.mp3

Listen Online:

December 10: “Joy To The World” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Joy To The World.mp3

Listen Online:

December 3: “Willing To Be An Average Joe” Tim Elrod

Download MP3:Willing To Be An Average Joe.mp3

Listen Online:

November 26: “Deal With It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Deal With It.mp3

Listen Online:

November 19: “Nailed It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Nailed It.mp3

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November 12: “Balcony People” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Balcony People

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November 5: “Consumed” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Consumed.mp3

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October 29: “The Power Of A Unified Church” Tim Elrod

Download MP3: The Power Of A Unified Church.mp3

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October 22: “One Way” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:One Way.mp3

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October 15: “Into The Wind” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Into The Wind.mp3

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October 8: “The Problem With Miracles” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: The Problem With Miracles.mp3

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October 1: “You Can’t Do It Alone” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:You Can’t Do It Alone.mp3

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September 26: “With My Help” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: With My Help.mp3

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September 17: “Tag, You’re It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Tag, You’re It.mp3

Listen Online:

September 10: “Finishing Strong” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Finishing Strong.mp3

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September 3: “Human Resources” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Human Resources.mp3

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August 27: “No Boundaries” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:No Boundaries.mp3

Listen Online:

August 20: “Would You Just Stop?” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Would You Just Stop?.mp3

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August 13: “Before You Take The First Step” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Before You Take The First Step.mp3

Listen Online:

July 30: “A Gracious God” Guest Speaker Ross Haverhals

Download MP3: A Gracious God.mp3

Listen Online:

July 23: “Heart To Heart” Guest Speaker Jordan Spahr

Download MP3: Heart To Heart.mp3

Listen Online:

July 9: “That’s What I Want: To Live Fully Alive”

Download MP3: That’s What I Want: To Live Fully Alive.mp3

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June 25: “Thirsty”

Download MP3: Thirsty.mp3

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June 18: “A Father’s Love”

Download MP3: A Father’s Love.mp3

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June 11: “Follow: Baptism-Communion”

Download MP3: Follow: Baptism-Communion.mp3

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June 4: “The Best Decision Ever”

Download MP3:The Best Decision Ever.mp3

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May 28: “Phone A Friend”

Download MP3: Phone A Friend.mp3

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May 21: “Living On The Edge”

Download MP3 Living On The Edge.mp3

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May 14: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time”

Download MP3: It’s Just A Matter Of Time.mp3

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May 7: “Musical Chairs”

Download MP3: Musical Chairs.mp3

Listen Online

April 30: “How To Foolproof Your Life”

Download MP3: How To Foolproof Your Life.mp3

Listen Online

April 23: “The God Of Second Chances

Download MP3: The God Of Second Chances.mp3

Listen Online

April 16: “Sunday: Greetings

Download MP3: Sunday: Greetings.mp3

Listen Online

April 9: “Saturday: Waiting To Be Caught

Download MP3: Saturday: Waiting To Be Caught.mp3

Listen Online

April 2: “Friday: Why Did Jesus Die?

Download MP3:Friday: Why Did Jesus Die?.mp3

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March 26: “Arresting Development

Download MP3: Arresting Development.mp3

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March 19: “That The World May Believe

Download MP3: That The World May Believe.mp3

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March 12: “United We Stand

Download MP3: United We Stand

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March 5: “Your Joy Complete

Download MP3: Your Joy Complete.mp3

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February 25: “My Joy – Like A Little Kid

Download MP3: My Joy – Like A Little Kid.mp3

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February 19: “Staying Connected

Download MP3: Staying Connected.mp3

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February 12: “This Is For Your Own Good

Download MP3: This Is For Your Own Good

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February 5: “The One Thing

Download MP3: The One Thing.mp3

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January 29: “One Another

Download MP3: One Another.mp3

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January 22: “Are You Ready For Some Worship?

Download MP3: Are You Ready For Some Worship.mp3

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January 15: “Belief Blockers

Download MP3: Belief Blockers.mp3

Listen Online:

January 8: “Time Trials

Download MP3: Time Trials.mp3

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December 18: “Shhh, God Is Talking

Download MP3:Shhh, God Is Talking.mp3

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December 11: “The Way Things Ought To Be

Download MP3:The Way Things Ought To Be.mp3

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December 4: “The First Christmas Carol

Download MP3:The First Christmas Carol.mp3

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November 27: “Don’t Wait for the Idiot Lights to Come On

Download MP3: Don’t Wait for the Idiot Lights to Cone On.mp3

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November 20: “The Call

Download MP3: The Call.mp3

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November 13: “Me and My Big Mouth

Download MP3: Me and My Big Mouth.mp3

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November 6: “Solid Food

Download MP3: Solid Food.mp3

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October 30: “Living Like A Leper

Download MP3: Living Like A Leper.mp3

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October 9: “BHAPs

Download MP3: BHAPs.mp3

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October 2: “Can You Hear Me Now?

Download MP3: Can You Hear Me Know.mp3

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September 25: “Our God Is Able

Download MP3: Our God Is Able.mp3

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September 18: “Just One Day

Download MP3: Just One Day

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September 11: “Prayer 101

Download MP3: Prayer 101.mp3

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Light and Life - John logo

September 4: “Like a Good Shepherd

Download MP3: Like A Good Shepherd.mp3

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Aug 28: “Here’s The Story

Download MP3: Here’s The Story.mp3

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Aug 21: “Who’s Your Daddy?

Download MP3: Who’s Your Daddy?

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Aug 14: “The Bigger Picture

Download MP3: The Bigger Picture.mp3

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Aug 8: “It’s A Trap

Download MP3: It’s A Trap.mp3

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July 31: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Download MP3: Should I Stay or Should I go.mp3

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July 24: “Do You Want To Get Well?

Download MP3: Do You Want To Get Well?.mp3

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July 10: “Wells, Water, and Women”

Download MP3: Wells, Water, and Women.mp3

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June 26: “Nick at Night”

Download MP3: Nick at Night.mp3

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June 19: “When Jesus Shows Up”

Download MP3: When Jesus Shows Up.mp3

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June 12: “I Am a D”

Download MP3: I Am A D.mp3

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June 5: “The End Of The World As We Know It”

Download MP3: The End Of The World As We Know It.mp3

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Catching Fire logo

May 22: “The Holy Spirit Adventure”

Download MP3: The Holy Spirit Adventure.mp3

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May 15: “Catching Fire: Power”

Download MP3: Power.mp3

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Tough Questions logo 2

May 1: “Tough Questions Week 5 – Aren’t Churches Filled With Hypocrites?”

Download MP3: Aren’t Churches Filled With Hypocrites.mp3

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April 24: “Tough Questions Week 4 – You’re Not The Boss Of Me”

Download MP3: You’re Not The Boss Of Me.mp3

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April 17: “Tough Questions Week 3 – Who Says There’s One Way To God”

Download MP3: Who Says There’s One Way To God.mp3

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April 10: “Tough Questions Week 2 – Would A Loving God Send People To Hell”

Download MP3: Would A Loving God Send People To Hell?.mp3

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April 3: “Tough Questions Week 1 – What Should We Do About Islam”                    Guest Speaker – Diane Odegard

Download MP3: What Should We Do About Islam.mp3

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