We are currently closed for in-person services due to Covid fears. Weekly messages will continue to be posted on this page.

Current Message:

“Light in the Midst of Darkness” – Message 11/29/20 (Part 1 in the Away in A Manger series)

“The Next, Next Generation” – Message 11/22/20 (150th Anniversary Celebration)

There are two audio files available, the sermon only and the extended service that includes some elements celebrating our 150th Anniversary.

Extended service with 150th Anniversary elements
“The Next, Next Generation” Message only

“The Next Generation” – Message 11/15/20

Past Messages and Series

“Nobody Really Knows” – Message 11/8/20

God Has A Name part 9: “Carry the Name” – Message 10/18/20

God Has A Name part 8: “A Balancing Act” – Message 10/11/20

God Has A Name part 7: “Scales of Justice” – Message 10/4/20

God Has A Name part 6: “No Matter What” – Message 9/27/20

No Matter What

God Has A Name part 5: “Mad About You” – Message 9/20/20

Mad About You

God Has A Name part 4: “Just Like My Father” – Message 9/13/20

God Has A Name part 3: “Why Does God Need a Name?” – Message 9/6/20

God Has A Name part 2: “Whom May I Say Is Calling?” – Message 8/30/20

God Has A Name part 1: “The Most Important Thing About You” – Message 8/23/20

“The Most Important Thing About You”
Stay tuned after the message for a special update from our missionaries, Randy and Wanda Potratz!

Listen and Learn part 3: “Listen Up” – Message 8/9/20

Listen and Learn part 2: “Listen Here” – Message 8/2/20

“Listen Here”

Listen and Learn part 1: “Listen Carefully” – Message 7/26/20

“Listen Carefully”

He’s Still* Got the Whole World In His Hands part 3: “Hope” – Message 7/19/20

He’s Still* Got the Whole World In His Hands part 2: “Pray Until the Peace Comes” – Message 7/12/20

He’s Still* Got the Whole World In His Hands part 1: “Nothing New” – Message 7/5/20

“Worry, Hope, and Chocolate Cake” – Message 6/28/20

“Legacy: Living a Life That Outlasts You” – Father’s Day Message 6/21/20

“The Empire Strikes Back” – Worship Service 6/14/20

Part 3 of our series on dealing with discouragement and depression. We take a look at how God helped Elijah as he faced a particularly difficult time in his life and how those principles can help us when we face seasons in the valley.

“A Fresh Perspective” – Worship Service 6/7/20

How do you handle it when you are faced with times of discouragement and depression? We look at the way God handled Elijah’s depression in I Kings 19 and draw some principles for dealing with depression in our own lives.

“Skin in the Game” – Worship Service 5/31/20

A candid conversation about race, racism, and faith with Andy Stanley, Joseph Sojourner, and Sam Collier.

“Hoping For and Hoping In” – Worship Service 5/24/20 (Memorial Day) Guest Speaker: Greg Speck

“Not So Fast” – Worship Service 5/17/20

“Mom Always Said…” (Mother’s Day 2020)

In The Meantime: Revisited

Part 3: “Yes, You Can”

Prayer Card for In The Meantime week 3: “Yes, You Can”

Part 2: “A Purpose and A Promise”

Worship Service – April 19, 2020 “In the Meantime: Revisited” pt 1 “The New Normal”

Part 1: “The New Normal”

Worship Service – April 19, 2020 “In the Meantime: Revisited” pt 1 “The New Normal”

Easter 2020

A brief Easter message and a word of encouragement on this Easter to remember.

Good Friday 2020

Good Friday 2020 Devotional and Challenge

Follow message series

March 8: Follow pt 4: “What I Want to Want” Rob Spahr

Follow pt 4: What I Want to Want

March 1, 2020: Follow pt 3: “Fearless” Rob Spahr

Follow pt 3: Fearless

February 23, 2020: Follow pt 2: “Next Steps” Rob Spahr

Follow pt 2: Next Steps

February 16, 2020: Follow pt 1: “Jesus Says” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Jesus Says

Follow pt 1: Jesus Says

March 17, 2019: “Multiple Choice” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Multiple Choice.mp3


March 3, 2019: “Feelin’ It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Feelin It.mp3


February 24, 2019: “ReModeling” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 ReModeling.mp3


February 17, 2019: “The Million Dollar Question” Rob Spahr

Download MP3  The Million Dollar Question.mp3


February 10, 2019: “Under Construction” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3 Under Construction.mp3


January 27, 2019: “Difference Maker” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Difference Maker.mp3


January 20: “Pro:Motion” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 ProMotion.mp3


January 13: “Something To Show For It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3  Something To Show For It.mp3


January 6: “The Better Question” Rob Spahr

Download MP3  The Better Question.mp3


December 9: “An Unlikely Candidate” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 An Unlikely Candidate.mp3


December 2: “Guest List” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Guest List.mp3


November 25: “Muddy Waters” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Muddy Waters.mp3


November 18: “Fishing Buddies” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Fishing Buddies.mp3


November 11: “Why Fish?” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Why Fish.mp3


October 21: “In Spite Of” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 In Spite Of.mp3


October 14: “Broken Dreams” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Broken Dreams.mp3


October 7: “Motion Commotion” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Motion Commotion.mp3


September 30: “Lean Not” Rob Spahr

Download MP3Lean Not.mp3


September 23: “Looking Ahead” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Looking Ahead.mp3


September 16: “The Path” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 The Path.mp3


July 29: “Big Faith” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Big Faith.mp3


July 22: “Decision Time” Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Decision Time.mp3


July 15: “Everyday Adventures” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3Everyday Adventures.mp3


July 8: “Power Lifting” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Power Lifting.mp3


July 1: “Core Training” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Core Training.mp3


June 24: “Open Gym” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Open Gym.mp3


June 17: “Feel The Burn” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Feel the Burn.mp3


June 10: “Cool Down” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Cool Down.mp3


June 3: “No Pain, No Gain” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3 No Pain, No Gain.mp3


May 27: “Just Do It” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Just Do It.mp3


May 13: “Don’t Stop” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Don’t Stop.mp3


May 5: “Amazing” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3Amazing.mp3


April 29: “Nothing But” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Nothing But.mp3


April 22: “The Role of Rules” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 The Role of Rules.mp3


April 15: “Sea Of Glass” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Sea Of Glass.mp3


April 8: “Coming To Terms” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Coming To Terms.mp3


April 1: “Something Happened” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Something Happened.mp3


March 25: “Comfort Zone” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Comfort Zone.mp3


March 18: “Believe It Or Not” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Believe It Or Not.mp3


March 4: “Yes, You Can” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 Yes You Can.mp3


February 25: “A Purpose and A Promise” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 A Purpose and A Promise.mp3


February 18: “The New Normal” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3 The New Normal.mp3


February 11: “Your Turn” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Your Turn.mp3


February 4: “Hide and Seek” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Hide and Seek.mp3


January 28: “The Great Barrier” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3: The Great Barrier.mp3


January 21: “On The Road” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3: On The Road.mp3


January 14: “A Piece Of The Action” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:A Piece Of the Action.mp3

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January 7: “That’s A Good Question” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:That’s A Good Question.mp3

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December 31: “New Life” Jordan Spahr

Download MP3:A New Life.mp3 

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December 24: “Fall On Your Knees” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Fall On Your Knees.mp3

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December 17: “The Gift” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3:The Gift.mp3

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December 10: “Joy To The World” Pastor Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Joy To The World.mp3

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December 3: “Willing To Be An Average Joe” Tim Elrod

Download MP3:Willing To Be An Average Joe.mp3

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November 26: “Deal With It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Deal With It.mp3

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November 19: “Nailed It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Nailed It.mp3

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November 12: “Balcony People” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Balcony People

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November 5: “Consumed” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Consumed.mp3

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October 29: “The Power Of A Unified Church” Tim Elrod

Download MP3: The Power Of A Unified Church.mp3

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October 22: “One Way” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:One Way.mp3

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October 15: “Into The Wind” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Into The Wind.mp3

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October 8: “The Problem With Miracles” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: The Problem With Miracles.mp3

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October 1: “You Can’t Do It Alone” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:You Can’t Do It Alone.mp3

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September 26: “With My Help” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: With My Help.mp3

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September 17: “Tag, You’re It” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Tag, You’re It.mp3

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September 10: “Finishing Strong” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Finishing Strong.mp3

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September 3: “Human Resources” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Human Resources.mp3

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August 27: “No Boundaries” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:No Boundaries.mp3

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August 20: “Would You Just Stop?” Rob Spahr

Download MP3: Would You Just Stop?.mp3

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August 13: “Before You Take The First Step” Rob Spahr

Download MP3:Before You Take The First Step.mp3

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July 30: “A Gracious God” Guest Speaker Ross Haverhals

Download MP3: A Gracious God.mp3

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July 23: “Heart To Heart” Guest Speaker Jordan Spahr

Download MP3: Heart To Heart.mp3

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July 9: “That’s What I Want: To Live Fully Alive”

Download MP3: That’s What I Want: To Live Fully Alive.mp3

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June 25: “Thirsty”

Download MP3: Thirsty.mp3

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June 18: “A Father’s Love”

Download MP3: A Father’s Love.mp3

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June 11: “Follow: Baptism-Communion”

Download MP3: Follow: Baptism-Communion.mp3

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June 4: “The Best Decision Ever”

Download MP3:The Best Decision Ever.mp3

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May 28: “Phone A Friend”

Download MP3: Phone A Friend.mp3

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May 21: “Living On The Edge”

Download MP3 Living On The Edge.mp3

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May 14: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time”

Download MP3: It’s Just A Matter Of Time.mp3

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May 7: “Musical Chairs”

Download MP3: Musical Chairs.mp3

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April 30: “How To Foolproof Your Life”

Download MP3: How To Foolproof Your Life.mp3

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April 23: “The God Of Second Chances

Download MP3: The God Of Second Chances.mp3

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April 16: “Sunday: Greetings

Download MP3: Sunday: Greetings.mp3

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April 9: “Saturday: Waiting To Be Caught

Download MP3: Saturday: Waiting To Be Caught.mp3

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April 2: “Friday: Why Did Jesus Die?

Download MP3:Friday: Why Did Jesus Die?.mp3

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March 26: “Arresting Development

Download MP3: Arresting Development.mp3

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March 19: “That The World May Believe

Download MP3: That The World May Believe.mp3

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March 12: “United We Stand

Download MP3: United We Stand

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March 5: “Your Joy Complete

Download MP3: Your Joy Complete.mp3

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February 25: “My Joy – Like A Little Kid

Download MP3: My Joy – Like A Little Kid.mp3

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February 19: “Staying Connected

Download MP3: Staying Connected.mp3

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February 12: “This Is For Your Own Good

Download MP3: This Is For Your Own Good

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February 5: “The One Thing

Download MP3: The One Thing.mp3

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January 29: “One Another

Download MP3: One Another.mp3

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January 22: “Are You Ready For Some Worship?

Download MP3: Are You Ready For Some Worship.mp3

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January 15: “Belief Blockers

Download MP3: Belief Blockers.mp3

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January 8: “Time Trials

Download MP3: Time Trials.mp3

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December 18: “Shhh, God Is Talking

Download MP3:Shhh, God Is Talking.mp3

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December 11: “The Way Things Ought To Be

Download MP3:The Way Things Ought To Be.mp3

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December 4: “The First Christmas Carol

Download MP3:The First Christmas Carol.mp3

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November 27: “Don’t Wait for the Idiot Lights to Come On

Download MP3: Don’t Wait for the Idiot Lights to Cone On.mp3

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November 20: “The Call

Download MP3: The Call.mp3

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November 13: “Me and My Big Mouth

Download MP3: Me and My Big Mouth.mp3

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November 6: “Solid Food

Download MP3: Solid Food.mp3

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October 30: “Living Like A Leper

Download MP3: Living Like A Leper.mp3

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October 9: “BHAPs

Download MP3: BHAPs.mp3

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October 2: “Can You Hear Me Now?

Download MP3: Can You Hear Me Know.mp3

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September 25: “Our God Is Able

Download MP3: Our God Is Able.mp3

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September 18: “Just One Day

Download MP3: Just One Day

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September 11: “Prayer 101

Download MP3: Prayer 101.mp3

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Light and Life - John logo

September 4: “Like a Good Shepherd

Download MP3: Like A Good Shepherd.mp3

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Aug 28: “Here’s The Story

Download MP3: Here’s The Story.mp3

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Aug 21: “Who’s Your Daddy?

Download MP3: Who’s Your Daddy?

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Aug 14: “The Bigger Picture

Download MP3: The Bigger Picture.mp3

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Aug 8: “It’s A Trap

Download MP3: It’s A Trap.mp3

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July 31: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Download MP3: Should I Stay or Should I go.mp3

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July 24: “Do You Want To Get Well?

Download MP3: Do You Want To Get Well?.mp3

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July 10: “Wells, Water, and Women”

Download MP3: Wells, Water, and Women.mp3

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June 26: “Nick at Night”

Download MP3: Nick at Night.mp3

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June 19: “When Jesus Shows Up”

Download MP3: When Jesus Shows Up.mp3

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June 12: “I Am a D”

Download MP3: I Am A D.mp3

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June 5: “The End Of The World As We Know It”

Download MP3: The End Of The World As We Know It.mp3

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Catching Fire logo

May 22: “The Holy Spirit Adventure”

Download MP3: The Holy Spirit Adventure.mp3

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May 15: “Catching Fire: Power”

Download MP3: Power.mp3

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Tough Questions logo 2

May 1: “Tough Questions Week 5 – Aren’t Churches Filled With Hypocrites?”

Download MP3: Aren’t Churches Filled With Hypocrites.mp3

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April 24: “Tough Questions Week 4 – You’re Not The Boss Of Me”

Download MP3: You’re Not The Boss Of Me.mp3

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April 17: “Tough Questions Week 3 – Who Says There’s One Way To God”

Download MP3: Who Says There’s One Way To God.mp3

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April 10: “Tough Questions Week 2 – Would A Loving God Send People To Hell”

Download MP3: Would A Loving God Send People To Hell?.mp3

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